Belarus dating and marriage

Such kind of girls are pretty, but they have American stereotypes, American style of life and thinking, and if you are looking for pretty and intelligent Belarusian woman for a wife, you need the one from Belarus or an immigrant girl as it would mean except for beauty and intelligence she is good housewife, caring mother and lets her husband to be the dominant person in a family. Well, American women are usually more self-oriented. On the contrary, the main goal for Belarusian woman is creation of happy family with beloved husband.

For American woman she is the center of Universe and she takes care of herself. On genetic level she is ready to sacrifice herself to the family, kids, and husband.

By an expression “American Belarus women” the first what comes up in mind is woman from Belarus who lives in USA for a long time or immigrant from Belarus who has got right for permanent living in the United States.

It could also be possible to interpret such an expression as the meaning of girl of Belarus origin, but the one who was already born in the United States.

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Republic of Belarus, Respublika Belarus; before 1991, the country was known as the Belorussian (also spelled Byelorussian) Soviet Socialist Republic. The name Belarus probably derives from the Middle Ages geographic designation of the area as "White Russia." Historians and linguists argue about its etymology, but it was possibly used as a folk name referring to northern territories.

At the same time those women are grown according to the traditional type of education that is stating that the family is always supposed to be on the first place and on the top of all the priorities.

The basins are connected, forming a system of natural waterways that link the Baltic and Black Seas.

Much of the country is lowland with gently rolling hills; forests cover one-third of the land and their peat marshes are a valuable natural resource.

Belarus is the country that in the majority of cases stays apart when it comes to speaking of the various marital agencies which are working mostly with the international customers.

Nevertheless in its capital – in the Minsk city there are also a variety of beautiful Ukrainian women who comprise all of those features, and at the same time are up to those features that are also owned by the Russian, Moldovan or Ukrainian women.

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