Dating a computer scientist

This is a list of computer scientists, people who do work in computer science, in particular researchers and authors.

Some persons notable as programmers are included here because they work in research as well as program.

Others are mathematicians whose work falls within what would now be called theoretical computer science, such as complexity theory and algorithmic information theory.

Graduates will have excellent skills and the flexibility to enter the professional world or to improve their education to a more advanced level.

The faculty enjoys close links with industries and institutions, both local and overseas.

Alison Gopnik, a leading researcher on children, explains this is why kids have such short attention spans and do so many crazy things — they need to explore this new world of ours. So they stick to it — and more often than not, it works.

And it also explains why older people can be so set in their ways. From…exploration necessarily leads to being let down on most occasions.

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