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These are the characteristics that make the G12T-75 the weapon of choice for Yngwie Malmsteen.

Overall Specifications: • Nominal diameter: 12" (305 mm) • Power rating: 75 watts • Nominal impedance: 8 ohm • Sensitivity: 97 d B • Chassis type: Pressed steel • VCdia: 1.75" (44.5 mm) • Voice coil material: Round copper • Magnet type: Ceramic • Frequency range: 80-5,000 Hz • Fs: 85 Hz • DC resistance, Re: 6.77 ohm.

The best selling guitar speaker of all time, the G12T-75 is in fact remarkably versatile, staying clean at thunderously high volume levels.

Built to meet the demands of high gain amplifiers, the G12T-75 combines a huge, tightly controlled low-end and aggressive mid-range with a softened top-end that adds a welcome sweetness to overdrive, distortion and aggressive upper harmonics.

It thickens single notes, resulting in a highly articulate, vocal character.In short, the speaker marries the tones of the past with the clarity and volume capabilities of modern amplifiers.Celestion's G12T-75 8 ohm speaker is seen by many as the ultimate incarnation of the original Celestion G12M model – a Greenback on steroids!These additional characteristics mean that the G12H-75 Creamback offers exceptional performance when used for lead guitar and sounds massive loaded into a 4x12 cab.Celestion has been a standard-bearer for guitar and bass amp speakers since it made its mark as (arguably) the first manufacturer of a speaker created specifically to compliment and enhance the tone of a guitar amplifier in the early 1950’s, and their three classic models, the Celestion Blue, Celestion Greenback, and Celestion Vintage 30 are still viewed as the end-all for their respective tonal characteristics.

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