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He arranged to pay for it and his sister picked it up for him, and he drove back to Vermont to get it without my knowing." 6. One Christmas I got a jar filled with little notes from my current boyfriend.All notes said things like 'You're beautiful', 'I'm so glad I met you', 'You're my everything' and things like that.

If your bank account balance limits the amount you can spend on a gift, then jewelry and other pricey presents are out of the question.If the decorative design on the back of the cards is too distracting, write them or type the passages on a small piece of paper and glue them to each card.Think of 51 reasons and leave the final card for a sweet message or title.Using an office hole puncher, punch two holes along one edge of each card at the exact same points.Next, use the backs of the cards to write out things that you love about her.

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