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"This Is a Call" was released as a downloadable content for the Rock Band series of video games on December 23, 2008.Dave Grohl said about the song: "The chorus says 'This is a call to all my past resignation'.It's kind of cool, I guess," he told the Independent. But I'm just a normal kid living it up and doing the best I can while I'm here." For Nirvana, it was the band's breakthrough record, bringing the Seattle grunge scene to a worldwide audience.Nirvam è una chat con oltre 2 milioni di iscritti in Italia, attiva dal 2005, un sito di incontri online tra persone provenienti da ogni dove, uniti dal desiderio comune di cercare amicizia, amore, incontri, spazi e modi di divertimento comune.

The Berlin Wall was a dam that had broken three years before, and was well on its way to becoming e Bay merchandise.

A friend was coming over that afternoon of the cassette, but when I heard her knocking on our door I didn’t open it—I needed to be alone with this new music.

My hiding like this had happened once before, when I got Sinead O’Connor’s The Lion and the Cobra.

At the time the song was credited by the title "Verse Chorus Verse", which happens to be the title of an earlier, different Nirvana song that had been scrapped.

The same 1993 recording, under the song's original title of "Sappy", also appears on the Nirvana rarities box set With the Lights Out, released in 2004.

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