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Please be sure to read Upgrading Fedora using package manager for an overview of the entire process as well as the release-specific notes for upgrades between the oldest supported release and the current release. Far beyond the general warning that upgrading with just a package manager is not recommended, the /usr move makes upgrading to Fedora 17 or later with yum extremely difficult.

You should seriously consider stopping now and upgrading to Fedora 17 using the installer.

Fedora 13 is due in less than 2 weeks (as of today) but I decided not to wait any longer and upgrade my existing Fedora 12 x86_64 installation.

The following describes what you need to do to upgrade to Fedora 13 using yum.

is referring to the latest version of the RPM (binary package) for the version of Fedora.

It appears that you are using Fedora 12, which is quite outdated.

Recommended Workstation Upgrade Method This is the recommended method for upgrades of Fedora Workstation 23 and later, but the DNF system upgrade method may help you identify dependency issues if the graphical method has problems. Fedora Workstation 23 and later include a graphical system upgrade mechanism.

Whether it’s Fedora 11, 12, 13 Alpha or Beta, the repo will detect what needs to be installed / updated based on $releasever from the repo configuration files.It IS possible to upgrade to the new versions without doing the OS upgrade, but you'd have to probably commpile and package it from the source.The process for each is documented here: Note that you will not be able to upgrade directly from Fedora 12 to Fedora 17 in one go, at the very least this upgrade path is untested.So if you absolutely must have GCC 4.8.1 now (which seems unlikely given the age of your distribution), then you'll probably either have to find a third-party package or build it from source yourself.Regardless, I'd still recommend upgrading Fedora to reduce dependency complications.

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