Government mandating vaccines

Next week, students without the proper immunizations will be banned from class until their parents provide proof they received the shots. Baltimore County barred hundreds of children from school this week after failing to meet a Tuesday deadline for required vaccinations,” according to the news site.

For Baltimore City schools, the number of students who could miss out on class next week is in the thousands, as 3,800 were without the required vaccinations Wednesday.

In the opinion, Justice John Marshall Harlan explained that personal liberties might be suspended in cases where the interest of the “common good” of the community are of paramount importance.

Yet neither vaccines nor the diseases they combat are 100 percent predictable or controllable.In a 1922, the Court further clarified in , the Court held that states may require vaccination regardless of a parent’s religious objection, stating that, “the right to practice religion freely does not include liberty to expose the community or the child to communicable disease or the latter to ill health or death.” This case made it clear that religious exemptions offered by states are elective, rather than mandated by the First Amendment’s right to free exercise of religion.While the Supreme Court authorized the states to pass these laws mandating vaccinations, it was in no way required for the states to do so.Two other school districts were unsure how many students have not received the mandated immunizations.“More than 6,400 children in Prince George’s County started the school year without state-required immunizations, prompting urgent phone calls warning parents that children will not be allowed into classrooms tomorrow,” WUSA reported in late August.

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