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The moment people could send their desires and quests across the great digital ether, they have looked for all types of information and much of it has been sexual.

During those first days of the internet, when a friend in New York said I should get a modem and I had to ask what that was, there weren’t many people or groups online.

I have been recently developing a distributed, easy to install and easy to use chat-messaging platform with Play Framework and Akka.

The main challenge when developing such a distributed messaging platform, is the synchronization of the data among the instances and in case of Akka, sharing data between actors that are on different instances or JVMs.

In fact, I went online to do research for writing and I would shout into that big black hole, hoping for an answer from who knows where.

Chat groups began to appear but it was like a quest with a blindfold on to find them.

And it's all part of the VIP experience you can't get at other racing venues.I'm still using Redis as a simple data store to hold users but not for pub-sub in this example.I have developed an application called Hotchat recently.There were a few chat rooms but this was outside of the rooms.Right away (being one of very few women) I would get people asking how old I was, was I single, etc.

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