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Maybe you’re in a long-term relationship and need some ideas to spice up the monotonous routine of ‘dinner and a movie’ every Friday night.Or maybe it’s a brand new, butterfly-inducing beginning and you’re ready to take the Twitter DMs and non-confrontational Snapchat conversations to the next level — a face-to-face date.Bringing that special someone on a date here may lead to a fun, silly vibe of trying to stay balanced, or a more serious and sensual vibe of getting sweaty and meditating together.Either way, considering only a few-dollar donation is expected per person, this idea will impress your date due to its inexpensive, unique style.Listed below are five places in Athens that will add a fresh spark to your date night.

Relationship Questions These are questions having to do with this particular relationship.The drink, which is made from fermented rice and has long been a part of Korean culture, tastes like a cross between kombucha and horchata.Until as recently as the 1970s, it was the country’s most popular alcohol -- in a country that now drinks the most per capita.Though often forgotten or overlooked, the Gardens are a beautiful and free option for a date that could last for hours.Exploring the different gardens and letting yourself get caught up in your surroundings makes for an intimate date— especially when you find yourselves alone at the secret-garden wall of ivy or sharing a kiss under a pergola.

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If you’re a teen who’s dating, even casually, the time is going to come when you need to make choices about the physical part of your relationship.

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