The latter runs through the village and behind it and flows into the Brno Dam.The natural park “Podkomorské lesy” (Podkomoří Woods) and a game preserve are located near the village.The first mention of the village dates back to 1235 AD, when Margrave Přemysl endowed the monastery in Doubravník with one part of Chudčice (Hudsy).

The stock actuator is not able to handle the increased boost that these turbo's develop, Our goal is to have about 1Bar actuators (14.7psi).Residents may also use the sports field and the common rooms of our student residences at Schillerstrasse 27 and 29. A car parking space on the premises can be rented from the building management subject to availability.He was called "Himmler's Rasputin." He sent scores of Nazi agents around the world on a quest for magical artifacts. And he claimed to be the last warlock or magician of an order dating back to the lost continent of Atlantis.The building has a generous entrance lobby and provides a modern atmosphere within historic walls. The university is at a walking distance of about 10 minutes.The green interior courtyard and the adjoining green area of "Maßenberg" help the students to keep a cool head even in the hot sommer months. The centre offers lots of shopping facilities, restaurants, bars etc.

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Alfons used to be a monastery of the Redemptorist Order, dating back to the 19th century. A laundry room with washers and dryers is at the residents' disposal for a fee. Bedding and bed linen must be brought from to be deposited on admission and is used for securing possible damages as well as outstanding fees; in residences where a lump-sum for cleaning is obligatory the lump sum for cleaning will be set off with the deposit after check-out St.

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