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It is an outlet for The Super B-Beat Boys to play the illest break-beats and to be able to voice their opinions about the bboy scene and Hip Hop in general. In this episode, Kid Nasty from The Cypher City Kings gives us 10 things he hates in bboying.

We also call up The Son Of Jarel to find out about his crazy adventures in Las Vegas.download here Do you know who this hip hopper is? Yeah, I just spent on a new Paul Mc Cartney song.The song "Lifelong Passion (Sail Away)" is credited to Paul Mc Cartney/Fireman.It has an Indian flavor, but cleverly features a prominent harmonica. The song is a nice addition to the Mc Cartney canon. But if he is going to start charging that much money per song on a regular basis, I think he should bring it to my house personally and stay for lunch._______________________________________________________June 5, 2008, Paul Mc Cartney will be hosting a virtual dinner party at Paul Mc and giving away a new song to anyone who gives a donation of to Adopt-A-Minefield.

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