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He is not to be mistaken as a relative of Salvatore Gravano criminal associate Michael Papa, a white supremacist who helped Sammy Gravano in the 1990s distribute ecstasy from Arizona to New York City.He was well known in the mob-infested neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Staten Island.He was known as "Pappa Bear" to his wife and mistresses because of his "teddy bear" nature he displayed when in their presence or simply "Pap" to his criminal associates.He was the son of first generation emigrants from Rocca di Papa, Italy in Bensonhurst where Salvatore Gravano, Anthony Casso and Frank De Cicco were all born and raised. L., Kuhn, B., Kruger, A., Tucker, S., Gurtov, A., Hlophe, N., Hunter, R., Morris, H., Peixotto, B., Ramalepa, M., Rooyen, D. A reply to Douze and Delagnes’s ‘The pattern of emergence of a Middle Stone Age tradition at Gademotta and Kulluletti (Ethiopia) through convergent tool and point technologies’ [J. (END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: I just wonder what the good people of Sidney, Nebraska, are thinking now. He`s the editor of "The Sidney Sun-Telegraph." Welcome. But Jim, tell me the facts leading up to the judge -- now, how do you pronounce her name, Jim?

His last name "Pappa" in Italian stands for "Pope" because documents dating from the twelfth century state his parent's village as Rocca di Papa which stands for Castrum Rocce de Papa ("Rock Castle of the Pope"), because Pope Eugene III lived in their village.Frank teaches at Stanford University and has been inducted into the National Academy of Public Administration.Frank currently serves as the ICMA Senior Advisor for Next Generation Initiatives and Co-Chair of the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program. Frouin, M., Guérin, G., Lahaye, C., Mercier, N., Huot, S., Aldeias, V., Bruxelles, L., Chiotti, L., Dibble, H. C., Santos, E., Gómez, S., Rubio, A., Villaescusa, L., Souto, P., Mauricio, J., Rodrigues, F., Ferreira, A., Godinho, P., Trinkaus, E., & Zilhão, J.

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