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I have learned that a surprise death is harder to cope with than a prolonged death.It would also be important to know that he has had counseling to try to sift through his feelings.Type your email address in the box below and click the "create subscription" button.You can opt out at any time but why would you want to...huh?When you finally connect with her, she tells you that she thinks you are wonderful but she needs time to regroup and maybe you are moving too fast.You are upset and don't understand why she just can't get into you. Before you get upset with the next widow you meet and want to date, please consider the following list on things to consider when you find out someone is a widow, and be sure to ASK more questions in the beginning.Or making plans for your life now that the kids have theirs and you can get on with yours.

You may have been married a few years, or been together for twenty, with kids and maybe even retired.On one hand, you may feel like you’re betraying your former spouse by remembering him as the love of your life.On the other, you may feel like you’re betraying your new partner by still feeling love for your spouse.Eventually, though, you may find yourself longing for companionship and not knowing how to proceed.Losing the love of your life is painful, but so is being alone.

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