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"Pauly's the complete opposite of anyone I've ever dated," O'Day said in a clip from the show, via E! "There isn't a lot of substance there and, honestly, I'm not interested." In fact, O'Day wasn't interested in anyone at first, and doubted that she would make a love connection on the show.“The show is wild, crazy, vulnerable; it’s a big party but it’s also a lot of broken people trying to fix themselves and find themselves and find a partner and fall in love,” she told FOX411 on Tuesday.

Cookie aims to start over, in pursuit of her own happiness - a series of flashbacks reveal how Loretha Holloway became Cookie Lyon and how Cookie met Lucious.

Jay said: “We approached this as though we were hearing the songs for the first time.

We wanted to get back to that energy which launched those songs in the first place.

The event highlights a group of outstanding local chefs who are committed to providing food and services for the vulnerable populations in Orange County. The event will feature a more casual format, a beautiful new venue with an indoor/outdoor feel and incredible ocean view, and more exposure for all of our incredible chefs and restaurants.

Our revamped event will begin with an outdoor reception under twinkling market lights, featuring hors d’oeuvres stations and wine tastings.

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